MySpace vs. Blogs vs. Personal Web Space

I recently got a message from MySpace saying that my URL was going to be “expired” due to lack of activity.  I can’t blame them for wanting to repo the url, I haven’t been on since late June (much like this blog).

Like you,  I spend my life on the Interwebs, but that’s my job.  I’m also not that social (trying to work something out on that one) but I do have friends.  Most people on my MySpace page, I know in real life, or knew at some point before we lost touch (sorry, it happens).  Same as on my Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter is the only exception, which makes me wonder if I’m more interested in people I don’t see every day, or I’m just stalking some of my favorite personal heroes.

I like Twitter because it’s accessible.  I don’t need to be signed on to Twitter’s web site to use it.  I have it on my phone, my ipod, my web browser, my widgets, etc.  It even used to be my Google Talk buddy, until that got borked.

The same goes for email.  It’s accessible, at least to me.  I can write an email at the speed of thought, and the same goes for twitter.  I can say what I need to say, and get on with my life.

Facebook, MySpace, and other social applications of their ilk require me to set aside time beyond communication.  If I want to say hi to my friend, I am always hit with other things I don’t need to see before I ever get a chance to write to her.  And furthermore, it’s more troublesome to manage than my inbox, especially Facebook, with all the apps I care nothing about.  At least Facebook offers a free blackberry app that I can use to weed through the crap.

But I’m not their target audience, and I respect that.

Do you know who is their audience? Remember AOL, back in the day?  It’s for those people.  The ones who couldn’t figure out how to find things online without AOL’s hand holding.  While some may call them stupid, I tend to disagree, but that’s another topic altogether.

Which brings me to my point, if all of your friends are on MySpace, why bother with a personal home page, or a blog? Well, quite frankly, because it’s yours!

Using MySpace to meet people, is like going to a club or social event to meet people.  You can meet interesting people, network, and make friends. But if you want to do more than talk and show pictures, you’re going to need to go somewhere else to do it.

Having your own space lets you say what you want to say, without the need of an admin or censor’s approval. More to the point, you can’t monetize a MySpace blog, but you can build your own WordPress blog and make money off that!

In the end, Social Media is a great tool, but doesn’t replace your own storefront, or your own space, especially if MySpace goes down!