X-Men Origin’s: Wolverine

OK fanboys, enhance your calm.  There will be some spoilers here, but I’ve kept them to a minimum, and they’re near the end.  So those of you who prefer to live in a media blackout for geek flicks are somewhat safe.

In short, the movie was as enjoyable as the first X-Men movie, provided you don’t care anything about Wolverine, or have watched a Fox X-Men flick.  Jackman is Wolverine, but you knew that coming in. Liev Schrieber was a very interesting foil to Wolverine, but was he really Sabertooth? I leave that to the Sabertooth fanboys to fight over.  Ryan Reynolds IS Wade Wilson, and I wish he got more screen time.

Now. Spoilers to follow.  You’ve been warned.

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Heath Ledger fans campaign for the Joker to be retired

Heath Ledger fans campaign for the Joker to be retired.

I think this is a bad idea.  Sure, Heath’s portrayal of the clown prince of crime was on the money, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a better portrayal in another generation.  Having the Joker retired would have been like having Sean Connery’s performance being locked as 007.  It would be an honor for Heath, sure, but it would cost DC/Warner Brothers buckets of cash if they ever want to revamp the character, or make any changes to him. Continue reading “Heath Ledger fans campaign for the Joker to be retired”

A Review of “The Twelve”

For those that don’t know, J. Michael Straczynski, is the man and can never do wrong by me.  His run on Spider-man brought me back to comics with tears of Joy.  I say without a doubt that Babylon 5 was one of the most revolutionary shows of it’s time.  Jeremiah was a deeply moving show.  Etcetera, etcetera.

In short, anytime he puts his pen to paper, it’s gold.  I have yet to see Changeling, but I heard it was produced with only a first draft from JMS, which to me is quite a remarkable achievement.

OK, fanboy moment is over.  Onto the topic at hand; The Twelve.

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MySpace vs. Blogs vs. Personal Web Space

I recently got a message from MySpace saying that my URL was going to be “expired” due to lack of activity.  I can’t blame them for wanting to repo the url, I haven’t been on since late June (much like this blog).

Like you,  I spend my life on the Interwebs, but that’s my job.  I’m also not that social (trying to work something out on that one) but I do have friends.  Most people on my MySpace page, I know in real life, or knew at some point before we lost touch (sorry, it happens).  Same as on my Facebook and LinkedIn.

Twitter is the only exception, which makes me wonder if I’m more interested in people I don’t see every day, or I’m just stalking some of my favorite personal heroes.

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